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This Twitter search has been set up to search tweets about current problems in Africa. If you click on a link, you will be taken to the website that is the source of the information. If you click on a hashtag (a hashtag begins with #), you will go to a Twitter page with all the tweets about that subject. You will have to have a Twitter account of your own set up to view the hashtag page on Twitter. I also have a Twitter account created for 9th grade World Cultures that is protected (I must approve those who want to follow the account) and just follows people or organizations I have selected. The user name is GHHSworld. You can set up a Twitter account and apply to follow the GHHSworld account (just search for it using the user name) and then also follow the people and organizations that I have chosen and/or those you find valuable for your topic. Please keep in mind that I cannot guarantee that these tweets will be free of adult language and situations (nor does Twitter) so please be aware of that when you use Twitter. I did carefully look through the posts that were available and saw nothing of concern.


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